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When seat pain goes away, pilots focus on flying and passengers are happy! Optimum seating comfort, no matter how long the flight - that’s what KCH Enterprise's seat cushion provide. Confor ® Foam fly in all types of aircraft: military, civilian, kitbuilt and commercial. You simply custom designed the seat cushion to fit your aircraft.

Confor ® Foam is the same seat cushion used in the new Cirrus SR20 and SR22. An open cell electrometric, urethane foam that breathes and wicks away body moisture conforming to your body. Giving you a comfortable Seat for long periods of time in the air. It comes in three different densities; soft, medium, and firm. Our Confor® foams offer a unique combination of seemingly conflicting properties that are ideal for comfort management and protective padding applications. These urethane foams soften and conform when exposed to warmth, giving gentle, virtually pressure-free support. When the foams take a direct blow, however, their high energy-absorption characteristics enable them to absorb up to 97 percent of the impact. While they are slow to recover after deflection, they effectively resist compression set. It does meet FAR 25.853, FAR 25.855, and CAL 117 fire retardant specifications. Start enjoying many hours of Comfortable Flying.

Confor ® Foam foam used in the seat cushions "reads" body temperature and pressure and shapes to the person through a process called "lateral creep." With low rebound action, the foam permits blood to flow constantly, preventing the burning sensation of ischemia, known as "hot spots." Confor ® Foam seat cushion are equally effective in extremely cold or warm temperatures and do not become squashed or deformed over time. The cushions always return to their original shape once a person leaves the seat.

Confor ® Foam Comes in three different firmness. CF47 (Green) is the firmest, used as the first layer on the seat bottom. CF45 (Blue) a medium firmness usually used in the middle of the seat bottom and the back part of the seat back. CF42 (Pink) is the softest used on the top layers and for any contouring pieces.

AngleGreen Blue PinkContour

A typical Confor ® Foam seat construction consists of. For the seat bottoms: 1" of Green, 1" of Blue and 1" Pink. For the seat back: 1" of Blue and 1" of Pink. For a more contour fit we recommend adding our Seat Wedges to give you an even better fit.

Save money by replacing just the foam cushions. Don't spend thousands on total seat replacement.

Description Suggested Application
1" Any Density Individual Layers
2" All Soft (pink) use 2-1"x16x18" As a throw for person 110 lbs. or less
2" Use: 1 Soft (pink) & 1 midium (blue)1"x16x18" Use this for over existing seats as a throw for person between 110 and 190 lbs.
2" All medium (blue) use 2-1"x16x18" Use this for over existing seats as a throw for person 190 lbs.or more
2" Laminate Cushion: 1" Soft (pink) & 1" Medium (blue) Recommended for persons weighing under 190lbs and want a softer cushion with limited headroom.
2" Laminate Cushion: 1" Soft (pink) & 1" Firm (green) 1" Firm (green) Recommend for aircrafts, when headroom is limited and for persons who want a softer cushion.
2" Laminate Cushion: 1" Medium (blue) & 1" Firm (green) Recommend for aircrafts, when headroom is limited and for persons weighing over 140 lb. and who wants a firm cushion.
3" Laminate Cushion: 1" Soft (pink)1" Medium (blue) & 1" Firm (green) Most universal aircraft cushion for all adult weights. This will raise the average person approximately 1 ½”
Soft (pink) Seatback Contour Contours for the center of a bench seatback and for lumbar support. Placed under the top pink layer of foam to aid in truly formed fit.
Soft (pink) Seatback Wedges Angled Angled Seatback Wedges: Angled Wedges for the sides of the seatbacks to aid in truly formed fit. Placed under the top pink layer.

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Property Test Method CF-42
Outgassing ASTM E595 Modified per BallAerospace BASG 33074 24 hrs. @ 105 torr & 70 degrees C % Weight Loss % Volatile Condensable Material 1.7 0.9 1.4 0.6 1.3 0.7
AMS 3568
80C x 5 days
Good Good Good
Water Content AMS 3568 (% water content) 0.48 0.34 0.29
AMS 3568 (% water absorption) 0.91 0.8 0.79
ASTM D51 Good Good Good
ASTM G22 Good Good Good
ASTM G21 Good Good Good
Weight LB per Square foot 1inch thick 0.53 0.53 0.53
ASTM D925 Method A, 96 hrs. @ 70C under 1 lb. weight No visible stain No visible stain No visible stain